BiancaLatte Professional is perfectly­-si­zed stretched cheese available either diced or shredded. With its smooth and delicate flavour, this ready-to-use mozzarella is the perfect ingredient to make traditional pizzas. The original bag packaging also offers a practical use and reseal solution for restaurants.

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Both the diced and shredded mozzarella BiancaLatte Professional is now available in larger tray packaging, which has been designed to meet the needs of restaurants, individual chefs and catering companies. The tray is quick and easy to open, making it an ideal choice for a fast- moving pizzeria where efficiency and high quality ingredients are a must.
Ready to use.

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Mozzarella BiancaLatte Professional loaf is the ideal product for oven baked dishes, salads, cold pasta and rice dishes as well as great paninis and toasts. This mozzarella is ready to be cut into slices of your own choosing, so you can customise your dishes and get creative with your pizza toppings.

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Only The Freshest Ingredients

Product features

  • melts well at high temperature
  • comfortable to use
  • available in 3 formats
Cubettata bag - Product Features
Julienne bag - Product Features
Filone - Product Features
Cubettata tray - Product Features
Julienne tray - Product Features

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